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How do you notice manipulation?

Answer: You do not.

One who manipulates chooses the one who is easier to manipulate than one who is not, if the opportunity offers to choose. Like for example. a good car salesman already sees if a customer is "willing to buy" when he takes the first step inside the door it is usually hot. Manipulative people are very good at reading body language, the "victim" is sensitive to external influences is usually the indication that it is possible to manipulate.

Why does a person manipulate?

Answer: Because it can.

So why are almost only some really manipulated? The simple answer is that they are manipulable. One might rightly think that manipulative people are the devil himself on earth and rightly so, but they will never disappear and trying to get them to stop is not possible, so we simply have to live with them. But .... you can learn to handle your emotion regulation and patterns that manipulative people use. So let's dive into the rabbit hole that manipulation is ...

How do they choose their victims?

Take the cynical "fuckboy" tex. He scans the room and looks for them / that one (one or more does not matter but it is important to get a victim on the hook, he sees three, he chooses the one that seems most manipulative, it is not about attraction or emotions). Let's say that in this case a girl stands in a passage like a door where people often pass, she is an empathetic and humble person who looks after the best interests of others and moves before anyone even arrives and wants to pass. Boom! "Locked on target!" Why do you wonder then? This type of personality is easier to control emotionally than a person who is less humble and empathetic. So it will probably be easier to flatter such a person, flattery is not something that is thought of cognitively in the first stage but should simply feel good. Does this mean that this personality would be weaker than others? No, absolutely not, but more observant.

So they easily see their victims in body language and are experts at it.

So how do you notice being or being manipulated? It can be almost impossible to get them right away. You may have a gut feeling that something is wrong but it is very difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is when you are perhaps nervous. We are happy to reveal our weaknesses in conversations, which is not strange as it is natural to be honest, this the manipulative catches up to later use against us. We as humans are inclined to believe in others and not directly accuse others of being exploitative and mean, but can instead blame ourselves for when we get a feeling that something is wrong because we do not want to judge someone in advance ... a manipulative person knows this. We can empty. wonder if this has any personal problems instead of seeing it as an "attack" on us because it is so ours to understand that they are really manipulating. We try to analyze instead of understanding what is happening. 

If you want to know more, feel free to study the videos and / or read the literature next to it.


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