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“Learn to manage your emotions

otherwise they handle you."

Anti Stress Coaching

- Do you feel anxious/stressed?

- Do you feel guilty when you speak up?

- Trying to fix  other people's problems?

- Do you have a hard time saying no?

- Do you want everyone to like you?
- There is an explanation!
- There is a solution!

- We will solve it together!


Contacted Johannes in a situation where I experienced everything "collapsing" in my life. My marriage, my health and my self-esteem were at rock bottom while my stress level had hit the ceiling. Realized the danger in the combination and saw a "pattern" I wanted to be explained, understood and changed so as not to end up in similar life situations again. All this I got help with in a methodical, comfortable, safe and objective way. Johannes has an ability to quickly lead you to the actual problems you let / let yourself be affected by. He highlights the behaviors one should treat and transform in oneself without judging. It's about judging. Appreciates his direct but warm manner as well as his gentle tone around the importance of change. Furthermore, he has a holistic approach and knowledge of body, feeling and behavior. He cares about "you", everything else is secondary. Already at the first session I received tools, which I could apply in my situation and with them also immediately begin a "healing".
Can't help but give him my warmest recommendations.

I was in a situation where I could not influence the environment. I was co-dependent in a constellation where manipulation and lies were used.
I got help finding the right tool, so I could start to understand what was happening, really see! As well as the most important thing, tools and mindset to keep myself out and not be drawn in. I remain in this constellation but I am not drawn in emotionally lower. It's worth gold!  Tack Johannes "

“I can warmly recommend Johannes as a conversation therapist!
Johannes has been invaluable in the situation I have been in, where he has professionally guided me on how to handle the manipulation I have been subjected to at work.
His warmth, compassion and consideration combined with being a therapist still being straightforward and impressively quickly illuminating the problems in a way I may not have seen before, is a fantastic combination that I really appreciate. His knowledge of human behavior is impressive and has given me many "aha-experiences", not least about myself.
Knowledgeable, committed and confident are three words that describe Johannes as a conversational therapist well.
Thank you so much for all your help, do not know what I would have done without it! ”

"Chapter one in my life.
I walked down the street, there is a deep hole in the sidewalk, I fall in, I am lost, I am helpless. It is not my fault and it takes forever to find a way out.

Chapter two in my life. 
I walk down the same street and there is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I pretend I do not see it, I fall in again, I can not believe it, I am in the same place. It's not my fault and it still takes a long time to get out.
Chapter three  in my life
I walk down the same street, there is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I see it there, I still fall in, it's a habit, my eyes are open, I know where I am, it's my own fault and I get out immediately. 
Chapter 4 in my life
I walk down the same street, there is a deep hole in the sidewalk, I walk around it.
Chapter 5 in my life.
I walk down another street. 
Thank you Johannes for guiding me to a new pass in my life. I am so excited and I feel free to expand and embrace the infinite possibilities that life has presented to me now. "

Do you recognize yourself?

Do you suffer from stress and / or anxiety? Do you end up in similar relationships / situations over and over again? Can't find "who you are"? Does it feel like you never get to the goal? Do you have difficulty completing projects? Do you hear that you are hypersensitive? Do you put other people's feelings for your own? Do other people's moods affect you? Do you judge yourself harder than others? Do you overreact to situations you yourself do not control? Are you seeking approval and confirmation from others? Are you overly responsible? Are you stubbornly loyal to those who do not deserve it? Do you have problems in close relationships? Are you very impulsive?


If several of these traits are correct, you may be highly sensitive and / or co-dependent. Being highly sensitive is normal for approx. 0-20% of the population and also in the animal world for the survival of the species, simply to draw attention to dangers and look after those who are sick or those who fall behind in the group. In today's society, it has been seen as an obstacle as everything goes faster and the number of impressions is overwhelming in recent times social media. Co-dependence comes from situations in growing up for various reasons, which gives what is usually called "flash backs". This combination provides an opportunity for people to manipulate you and use you for what they want from you, power, money, your attention, sex, be put on the pedestal, get services, enter into agreements that only benefit them, etc.


These are my own personality traits that I have worked with to gain understanding for over 20 years. After a lot of therapy and studies and helping others to come to terms with what is going on within us, this has provided knowledge and tools in dealing with emotions and understanding them, which in itself gives a rudder to keep in order to keep the right course in life . To pass on this knowledge and experience to others I see as a cold and it gives me great joy to see that "aha-experience" in a person.

Om mig
About me

I have studied social psychology, social anthropology, developmental psychology and health psychology, and done ACA's 12-step program. I myself have long experience after years of therapy with various therapists where I have undergone psychotherapy and CBT. After and during the time, I have focused and studied further on personality traits narcissism, borderline, psychopathy and co-dependence (people pleaser). This has since become my main interest, which occupies most of my time and I study this subject pretty much every day. 


I am the father of two adult children and have undergone separation with children and all that that entails.


At the age of 5, I was taken into care when my mother could not take care of me due to. mental illness and was first placed on probation in a foster home but later I became a foster child with my grandparents. Between the ages of 17-23, I experienced the deaths of my mother (my father was never present and passed away early) and my grandparents in a short time. These early experiences have made me understand in the similar situations of others and can put me into these.


I have worked as a door manager / security guard for over 10 years and have given myself invaluable experience and knowledge in conflict management.


I have been training strength training from a young age and yoga since 2013.


My "style" is direct and straightforward but with humility and humor. When you are in relationships where manipulation occurs, it is easier to feel that it does not have to be so serious all the time but to be able to look at the situation with a little distance, warmth and humor. This with someone who understands how it can feel and who has been through similar situations.


This is not to diminish the emotions that exist but to be able to see that there is a solution and an explanation behind what is happening; to be able to forgive oneself and see oneself with humility.


English also works well as a language in coaching.


Thank you for your message!

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