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Depression and how it affects you

Image by Gabriel

Depression is considered a disease in which brain chemistry is altered. We all get depressed one or more times in life when e.g. someone close goes away, but we usually come back even though it can be a horrible period. However, getting a severe depression is much more serious, not even getting out of bed, not working, not washing, life simply does not work. Severe depression is one of the worst diseases there is. Empty. really serious diseases so cancer can make people "wake up" and te.x. understand that family means everything. In a severe depression, on the other hand, it is not possible to rejoice in anything and an infinite sorrow can take over that does not end. It can go so far that the victim gets dissociations. It can be said that depression is the inability to feel joy and everything only gets worse and it can go so far as suicidal thoughts and risk of suicide. Everything the victim does feels exhausting and it becomes too much to do anything.

Waking up very early in the morning and not being able to fall asleep even though he is completely exhausted and very tired is a sign of depression. If you study the brain of a depressed person who sleeps and looks at sleep sequences that normally go in 90-minute cycles, they are in total disorder. When we are a little down, we can start eating carbohydrates because it makes us "feel better" as carbohydrates lower the stress hormones in the body, in the depressed it is the opposite that the appetite goes down. In depressed people, stress hormones are at high levels and overactivation in the central nervous system around the clock and these periods go into remission. As this is biological, it is not only possible to "pull yourself up" but you must get professional help.


If you want to know more, feel free to study the videos and / or read the literature next to it.


(NOTE! If you think you are depressed and / or have suicidal thoughts contact the psychiatric emergency or


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