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The narcissist feels empty at heart and is   dependent on the appreciation and confirmation of those around him, and may become frustrated if he is absent or if someone else is allowed to be at the center. Narcissists find it difficult to understand the feelings of others in a genuine way. They can act helpful and seemingly selfless, but with the hidden motive of gaining appreciation and praise. A narcissist is dependent on "narcissistic supply", ie a pathological or excessive need for attention and which does not take into account other people's feelings, opinions or preferences.

However, everyone who has a narcissistic behavior is not a narcissist, diagnosing a narcissist can only be done clinically and is difficult as narcissists do not seek care usually simply because they are grandiose and just like themselves best and if you are the best you do not need help. It can happen in those times when their world has completely collapsed and they are without family, friends or money. However, they can not learn emotional empathy but can get help to change their behavior to make it a little easier in life.

Because there was a division of 75 - 25% men and women, but today it is closer to 50 - 50% with narcissistic traits, and that narcissism has increased drastically in recent decades. What this is due to can be speculated on, but some is probably due to social media, and frivolous credits that have made it more possible to obtain "narcissistic supply". Of course, narcissism is transmitted from generation to generation, so this is also a contributing factor.

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