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Co-dependency and some traits

We judge ourselves and others without mercy . We hide this by being perfect, by taking responsibility for others, trying to control the outcome of unpredictable events and getting angry when things do not turn out the way we intended. We   do not feel significant. We   try to help others in the hope that they will notice us. When we talk to a superior, we have a hard time expressing ourselves. We seek confirmation and do everything for others to like us. We are extremely loyal, even when we see evidence that this loyalty is unchallenged. We offer our services before the only ones have asked. We worry about what others think and feel about us. If people stop talking about us as we approach, we assume that they are us they are talking about. We are easily intimidated by angry people and by personal criticism. We confuse love with compassion and tend to "love" people we may feel sorry for and save. We spend a lot of time fixing other people's problems. We are either overly responsible or totally irresponsible. Either we try to solve other people's problems or we expect others to take responsibility for us. This allows us to avoid looking more closely at our own behavior. We feel guilty when we speak out or act forcefully. We give in to others instead of caring for ourselves. We have a tendency to stay in workplaces or in conditions that are harmful to us. 

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(NOTE! If you think you are depressed and / or have suicidal thoughts contact the psychiatric emergency or



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