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Anxiety comes when the stress does not let go but it feels like not knowing what it is that is stressing, you are stressed all the time. The body releases stress hormones all the time without getting recovery. The stress has had to go too far and it becomes like a "self-playing piano". When it has gone this far, it can be difficult to sleep, among other things. and have focus and relax. It can lead to panic disorder can be really unpleasant, however, it is not dangerous with symptoms such as palpitations, tremors, the feeling of losing breath, pressure over the chest, dizziness, nausea, feelings of unreality, fear of death.

It is possible to get out of this but it may take some time. To begin with, it can be to review diet, exercise, alcohol consumption, drugs, caffeine intake and sleep. That tex. Taking a brisk walk for an hour every other day can be a start to reducing stress hormones, reducing caffeine intake or quitting altogether for a period, starting with sleep routines, reducing carbohydrates and sugar consumption, meditating, yoga can help a lot. The root cause of stress turning into anxiety usually lies in why you feel stress and it is good to find out why the stress load is so high.


If you want to know more, feel free to study the videos and / or read the literature next to it.


(NOTE! If you think you are depressed and / or have suicidal thoughts contact the psychiatric emergency or


Anxiety and how it affects the body

Image by Meghan Hessler
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